Covid-19 has made youths more innovative, creative

As much as the Covid19 pandemic was and has been a huge economic and social setback to society, the youth have felt its wrath most due to scarcity of employment. Yet this has evoked more thinking, birthing a far greater need for entrepreneurship in the youth.

The youth got blessed with all the time in the world with no distractions, just their own company. They have had time to reflect on the fast lives they’d have been accustomed to. If there is a key economic lesson the youth have learnt during Covid-19, it is the need to save whatever little they earn for that rainy day.

Covid-19 has also furthered the need to at least have an investment to ensure a backup source of finance and not to rely on only one source.

As much as Covid19 hit the economy hard and many businesses shut down, it has given some business owners the time to explore the Internet more, hence the rise of “virtual retailing”.

Virtual retailing is the new way of doing business thanks to the physical restrictions imposed as a measure to curb the spread of Covid-19. The pandemic has given the youth ample time to explore social media deeply.

Some have discovered that if used correctly, social media can be a source of endless knowledge where different ideas are shared.

There has been a rise in the usage of social media apps like zoom that lets youth multitask by doing work and studying concurrently effortlessly without having to entirely stop and substitute one for the other.

The pandemic has also blessed the youth, especially those that are still studying, with time to put into practice what they have been studying.

Social media platforms have been very vital in these trying times through maintaining communication and interaction between the youth(entrepreneurs) and their customers hence strengthening customer loyalty.

All said and done, the pandemic has been an eye opener to the youth to be more creative. It has given birth to an entrepreneurial spirit that will produce the new generation of self-employed, independent tax generating citizens.

The writer is a student at Makerere University.

Kebirungi Gloria

(Bachelor of records and archives management .)

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