Ahikyirize’s gamble on online forex trading pays off, he makes Shs 6 million per week

Whereas many youths use the internet, especially social media for unproductive things, 21-year-old Daniel Ahikyirize thought outside the box to earn a living out of internet usage.

“Whereas other youths were using it for pornography, music, games and dating, I was interested in making money out of internet. I had watched videos of Shezi boasting of making money out of internet through forex trading. I could not believe it,” Ahikyirize says of his journey.

Sandile Shezi, the founder and CEO of Global Forex Institute is 29-year-old South African millionaire businessman but also a popular forex trader.

Ahikyirize says that in 2019 after watching Sandile’s testimony on YouTube, he decided to put it to a test by watching several videos on the internet about forex trading and how people earn out of it.

He says he was able to prove that people are able to buy and sell different currencies by either firms or individuals via the internet.

Whereas ordinarily one is required to go to the bank or a forex bureau to exchange currency, with online forex trading, one needs a forex account from the participating brokerage firms or agents.

To make profits in the money markets, one must be quite knowledgeable and up to date with information across the globe. 

The 21-year-old says it took him three months to be able to master the trade and this he was able to achieve by teaching himself through these internet videos.

He explains that he could watch videos explaining how to do online forex trading and that each day that passed, he better learnt the trade.

“I learned most of the content from the internet but also got advice from senior people in the business.”

“As they say we learn by doing, whereas I learnt from the internet, I had to put into practice what I had got from internet. I started with $10 and I made some profits. I started with smaller amounts because that’s what I could afford then,” Ahikyirize says.

Ahikyirize who was then in his first year at Ndejje University doing civil engineering says that having realized he could make more money, he used part of his tuition worth $250 and invested into the online forex trading business.

“My parents could not believe it when I told them I had used my tuition fees to invest in my online forex trading business. They were furious at me for blowing the money,” he remembers.

Ahikyirize however says after several explanations, he was able to convince his parents.

He says they became happier when they started enjoying the benefits of his online forex trading business.

So far so good

He explains that he has been able to grow the business and currently earns between Shs 1.5 million and shs2 million per trading.

This means he currently earns not less than shs6 million a week from online forex trading.

“I use either my phone or laptop and I can say business is running pretty well. I don’t regret joining online forex trading,” he says, adding that he was also able to start Forex Bulls, an online platform where he creates content to educate the public on the business of online forex trading.

“Through the platform, I help young people appreciate the internet by using it for gainful ways like forex trading instead of searching for pornography and playing online games. Many have started picking interest in what I teach them. Many have realized they can use the internet for economic profitability,” he says.


Ahikyirize advises youth and any other person who wants to join online forex trading to go into the business with cautiousness.

“There are many scammers out there promising many returns yet they are not legitimate.  Read and get the right information about the market before entering it,” he advises.

He says with time he will return to school to complete his civil engineering degree that he abandoned to first chase his dream.

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