Creatures Animation Studio to produce Uganda’s first Disney film

Uganda’s Creatures Animation Studio has entered a deal that will see it produce the country’s first animated Disney film.

The film will be part of the upcoming anthology series “Kizazi Moto: Generation Fire,” which will feature producers from across Africa.

Inspired by the continent’s diverse histories and cultures, the 10-part anthology will together a slate of rising animation talents from six African nations to produce action-packed sci-fi and fantasy stories that will present bold visions of advanced technology, aliens, spirits and monsters imagined from uniquely African perspectives.

Speaking about the development, Creatures Animation Studio’s Chief Executive Officer, Raymond Malinga said it is an opportunity to contribute to Africa’s development.

The narrative in Africa has been, you switch on the news right now, I bet you it’s (about) something bad that just happened. For me (the anthology) is an opportunity to contribute to that conversation,” Malinga told Reuters.

“Afro music has started going around the world… we have some of our comedians going around and I am like, why not animation too, why not film?”

Malinga, will be one of  the 14 film-makers from South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya who will contributing to the film that is set to feature on Disney later this year.

The film named ‘Kizazi Moto’ derives the name from the Swahili phrase ‘kizazi cha moto,’ which translates as ‘fire generation’.

The film is yet another opportunity to showcase what Uganda has to offer to the world.

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