Kayz: I am controversial for a reason

Isaac Kawalyacommonly known as Kayz is a prominent presenter on NBS TV’s Uncut. Last month he spent a week in the coolers after local musician, Omulangira Ssuna accused him of defamation. His no-holds barred presentation style has won his many admirers. It has however also exposed him to a lot of criticism. He told youth blitz what inspires him to do what he does.

Welcome back from prison. How was the experience?

It was tough but that is what life is about. Life is not predictable. I thank my fans who stood by me during this trying time. I also thank NBS TV for the assistance and support it provided to me

What lessons did you learn from the time in prison?

The first is everyone can be a prisoner no matter the circumstances. Every one is a candidate for prison. The second is that there are so many people who are languishing in prison for no reason. Many people who are behind bars are innocent.

You have made a name as a presenter of NBS TV’s gossip show, Uncut. Was it your ambition to work on TV?

Not really although I have always been close to the entertainment scene, following the happenings. Actually the first person to give me a shot at TV was my producer, Peter Kafuko. He assured me that I could make it on TV although I was not sure of myself. I was nervous in the first days but later I got used and found my footing.

Your presentation style divides opinion. Some people say you are too harsh on the guests. What is your view?

We all have different personalities and styles. I agree some people say that I rub guests the wrong way but sometimes to get information, you have to be blunt. I have also met people who appreciate my style and are inspired by it. All in all, every presenter adopts a style that they think they are comfortable with. I am controversial because I have to if I am to get something out of my guest.

Don’t you sometimes get insults and abuses from the people you interview?

I do but that is part of the job. I know that sometimes I ask uncomfortable questions which put off people. Once I had gone to interview a local musician at his home and when I asked him about his love life, he almost hit the camera.

What advice do you give to young people who want to join TV and be like you?

They should be focused and hardworking. If you don’t have focus in life, you will not achieve anything. They should also listen to advice of professionals and producers. That way they will become better.

Who inspires you locally and internationally?

My late mother was my inspiration. When I went into television, she always cautioned me to be careful and was a source of advice. I miss her so much.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

I don’t know. Maybe I will still be doing a TV show, maybe I will have a local production house of my own. I don’t know but I am sure my life will be better off.

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