King Wesley was born with a microphone

Having attended 13 schools this naughty student would later graduate from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

A few years later, he was asked whether he would be willing to take up an offer to fill a vacuum left behind by someone on radio and he adamantly accepted.

This is the story of King Wesley who says he was born for the microphone.

“I went to a total of 13 schools because I was very a naughty kid but I only remember the ones that I sat my major exams from. I sat my O Level at St Andrew Kaggwa and Daniel and Kasubi Secondary School for my A Level. Then I joined Makerere for a Bachelors in Information Technology,” Wesley says.


He says growing up, he wanted to be a difference maker in society and to this end, he drew inspiration that saw him join radio as one of the ways to change people.

“I felt I could not fit in the normal set up of society and to this, I wanted to be different. I tried everything that was for different people until I finally landed on radio,” he says

He says during this time of trying to find what suited him best, he among others tried presenting on TV but this, he says, didn’t work out for him since it was not fun and he was not making any difference in society.

Lands on radio

King Wesley says a few years later after trying out many things that never came out as he hoped, he at last joined radio.

“I was in charge of events at my church and one day, the church decided to partner with Spirit FM. While coordinating our partnership with the radio, I was told one of the morning show presenters was not around and that since I had a good voice, I could try out filling the position,” he says.

According to Wesley, a few days later, he walked to the radio manager and presented himself ready for work.

“When I presented myself to Anna Mukasa (manager Spirit FM) and she asked who I was, I told him I was the king. She asked which king and I responded, I am king of radio,” he says.

“I told her, whatever I touch, I become the king of it. She allowed me in and as I did my first show, I felt I was made for radio.”

“I realized this was it for me. I was not there for myself but to make a difference.”

He says he had done gospel music, rapped, danced and now was the time to try out something new but would also change society.


As they say, a bad beginning makes a good ending, his initial days at Spirit FM where not the easiest, not only because he was a novice but also because the show was not the usual one.

He says he was nervous on the first day, just like any beginner would be.

“For the entire first year, my co-presenter on the radio show was telling my boss that I was not good at what I was doing.

“I made every error you have ever known of in this world. It was a morning show which is the defining program of any media house or radio. Everyday continuously, I made errors and for a whole year, I was being told how I was not good for radio,” he says.

“There are days I felt I was not appreciated and had to move on to something else but I stuck in there.”

With perseverance and learning lessons from mistakes, King Wesley says he was able to become better every day that passed.

“I knew this (making mistakes) was part of the journey of success. Making errors is very okay and is part of the process of becoming successful.”

He says that throughout the 10 years he has been on radio, he has perfected the art but has also helped teach many university students who go for internship at Spirit FM.

According to Wesley, helping many students who would want to join radio and follow in his footsteps is something he celebrates every day since this way, he is helping in changing society.

Born with a microphone

Also as part of his other jobs, King Wesley acts as an MC at functions and events.

When you see him do his thing, he appears that he was born with a microphone in his hands.

“I started being an MC in 2003 having started this at church events and eventually grew into not only a hobby but one that has given me lots of money. It is my passion to be on the microphone. I love to hold the microphone and that has built my confidence over the years even on radio,” he says.

He says that even when he was a novice on radio, it was a little easy for him to pull it off since he had been born and grown with the microphone.

“When I started out using the microphone, it felt as if I was born for it. It was fun all through.”

Gospel music

He says at church he also joined the choir in 1998 and that in 2001 he decided to be one of the contributors in the gospel music industry by starting out as a dancer with the Country Lights, a gospel music group. After joining radio, he played the group’s music to have the young artists’ voices heard.

“I started playing their music as a way of giving them a platform.”

Earlier this year, King Wesley was voted as the President for the Federation of Uganda Gospel Artistes.


For youths out there, King Wesley advices that they should find things they feel they love and stick to them.

“Find something you believe in, hold onto it. Nobody should tell you otherwise about it. Don’t listen to the background noise. Pursue your goal. It doesn’t come easy for you to become a start. You have to be patient, resilient, creative, innovative, disciplined, humble, and respectful and above all believe in God,” King Wesley say.

“What has made me what I am is that I have not judged anybody. Lower your expectations from people. Don’t expect a lot from other people because they will not give you what you want. They will disappoint you. Above all, choose Jesus and God every day, every time. You will win.”

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