Muyiga turned his love for good food into a thriving business

Despite having no qualification in food catering or any relative involved in the profession, Faizo Muyiga Kisiki decided to translate his love for good food into a business.

This has paid off with the Faiz Group of companies that among others owns Faiz Café Bistro, one of the most popular restaurants in Kampala.

Born in Ssembabule to Hajj Muhammad Kaluuma and late Hajati Tijala Najjemba, Muyiga is the fourth born in the family of eight.

He graduated from Makerere University with a Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Community Education but in 2015, he followed his heart to start an eating place.

“Well, I didn’t have any background in catering; neither did any of my family members.  The only thing I had was love for good food,” he says of his humble beginning in 2015.

Muyiga says he started with a small restaurant at Ham Towers in Makerere as he sought to put his dream of good food into reality.

“With savings from my first business of liquid soap production and selling, I hit the ground running by starting the restaurant.  My idea was to start something unique that would be loved by everybody. I wanted my dream of seeing people enjoy good food do come true. This gave birth to Faiz Café Bistro,” he says.

He explains that in the beginning, things were not as easy.

“Because I was new in business, I got a lot of challenges.  On many occasions, the restaurant sold food on credit but because I was determined to ensure my dream come true, I persevered. My goal was to ensure we attract as many customers as possible, and to this, it didn’t matter even if people were eating food on credit.”

Muyiga says with the few youths he had recruited to help him out at the restaurant, he had to soldier on to ensure they continue earning a living. This pushed him more to ensure the business doesn’t collapse.

“I was also being driven by the love to see that these youths don’t go without jobs. With all those challenges, I had to make sure the business stands.”


As they say hard work pays and with time, Muyiga’s Faiz Café Bistro restaurant business grew into a household name in Kampala.

He however says the journey to this achievement was not a walk in the park but rather one that needed extra efforts.

“We made the restaurant famous through digital marketing on social media, participating in promotional campaigns for customers and door to door advertising. We gave offers to customers but also made great use of social media to advertise the food we have.”

He for example mentions the unique offer of purchasing an entire roasted goat for Shs 1 million goat and the same for a bull.

Muyiga says this was loved by many, especially those who came in groups and consequently, marketed his business out to the public.

“This technique recruited for us many new customers, both in Kampala and outside. Many Ugandans in diaspora also got to know of us. We have since grown to be able to serve between 150 and 200 customers on a daily basis,” he says.

Muyiga says that having started small, he feels proud for the great strides his restaurant has made

“I am very proud and I feel like being in restaurant business for all my life.”

He says from the restaurant business he has been able to start many others including Faiz Construction and Real Estate Developers alongside Kabaseke mixed farm.


Muyiga doesn’t mince words while speaking about self-employment, especially for youths who he advices to open their eyes early enough.

 “I encourage all youths our there to embrace self-employment because it is the way to go if we are to develop the economy. Great nations where all of us want to go like Dubai, USA, UK  and China among others were built by the private sector. Don’t rush to achieve riches. Start small and be patient as the business grows and before you know it, you will be big,” Muyiga advises.

He also quotes American civil rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. in his advice to youths who want to succeed in life.

“Do whatever you do so perfectly that there lives no one that can do better what you’re doing right now. If you are sweeping streets, do it to be the perfectionist. By doing that you will indeed help build your businesses and the economy in general.”

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