New school term, new expectations for young people

As students and young people in primary and secondary schools reported to school for the third and final term, many have expressed various views on what they expect and hope to achieve. This is the promotional term for most students and for others in primary seven, senior four and senior six, they will be sitting their final examinations. Youth Blitz spoke to some of the students and here are their views.

Isaac Kintu, S3 student

I have to read hard this term because I want o to be promoted to senior four. So for me this term is for hard work and little sleep. The only challenge I have got so far is that my parents did not clear the entire school fees so my studies could be disrupted.

Musimenta Aisha, S2 student

This is usually a tough term because it determines whether one will be promoted to the next class or not. I am going to read hard and I am hopeful that I will perform well. The challenge I have is money. I was not given enough pocket money because the situation is tight but I will study hard.

Opedun Sam, S6 student

I will be sitting my final A-level examinations this term so it is a crucial one for me. I am going back to concentrate on books and nothing else because I want to pass highly and become a medical doctor. This term is therefore for books. I will not have much time for extra curriculum activities like sports. My biggest challenge is that my father did not have enough money to buy for me some of the textbooks in some subjects like Biology. But I will read whatever I have and with God, I will pass.

Byaruhanga Kenneth, S1 student

I hope I will be promoted to senior two by the end of this term. The whole year has been a learning experience for me since it was my first time in boarding school. I will definitely read hard and pass my examinations. The good thing about this term is that after it ends, we go on a long Christmas break.

Nakato Majorie, S4 student

This is a special term because I will be sitting my final O-Level examinations. This means that I will have to work and read extremely hard because I want to perform very well. It is going to be a hectic term because from the first week, we shall be doing a number of tests but I am ready for anything. So far I cannot say that there are some challenges.

Shamim Akello, S5 student

This is a vital term for me because I hope to transit to senior six next year. In our school they axe those who don’t make the grade so I do not want to fall in that category. I will have to read very hard to ensure that I pass. My only challenge is that I feel the term is rather short and yet it is packed with many activities.

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