What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

What does Valentine’s Day mean to you?

Every 14th of February, the world celebrates Valentines’ Day. It is the day when people express love for each other. It could be your partner, your mother, father, sibling or friend. In Uganda, it is usually regarded as the day when couples shower each other with gifts, go out for dinner and have fun. But what do young people know about the day and what does it mean to them? Youth Blitz spoke to some of them and here are their thoughts.

Irene Nakasirye, 22, student

For me Valentine’s Day  is the day I reserve for my boyfriend because he is my lover. We go out and have fun and later relax. I also expect to receive gifts from him. I can’t tell you the gift because I might spoil the fun. I started celebrating Valentines two years ago. I knew about the day but I did not have someone to celebrate it with.

Maureen Ayebare, 27, businesswoman

Valentine’s Day is a normal day for me. I am married but I don’t fuss over it. I go about my normal business. However at times I buy a small gift for my husband and he also does the same for me. But generally speaking, I do not put much thought on the day.

Abdul Taremwa, 25, boda boda cyclist

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day even if I know what it is all about. For me I express love to my girlfriend throughout the year so there is no need of singling out one day. I just go about my work as usual and at the end of the day I retire home.

Saul Katabarwa, 31, teacher

Honestly, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because there is nothing unique about it. They say it is a day for lovers to express their love but if you love yourselves, why wait for a particular day? This year’s Valentines will find me in class teaching. I don’t think I will have time for the fun.

Madinah Nalumansi, 24, hair stylist

That is a very special day for me and if my boyfriend does not take me out or buy me a gift, then you know there will be trouble. I prepare for it in advance. I go to the salon and since I am a stylist, I know what is good for me.In the evenings I go out with my lover. We normally go the cinema to catch some movies and later we retire home.

Samilah Asio, 26, businesswoman

Hah! Why are you asking me about this day? It is an important day for me because I get to be loved. Usually I go to work and later in the evening, I prepare for the day. I will cook a special meal for my husband. It is a day for relaxing, for appreciating ourselves. I have been celebrating the day for the last four years since I got officially married.

John Bosco Maseruka, 29, businessman

It is a special day for me and my wife. We celebrate it but do not go overboard like I see with some people nowadays. For me I take it as a day to recognize and celebrate love and achievements. The problem is that the day has been so commercialized. But for me I take it as a day to celebrate love by a couple. This year’s Valentine’s Day, I will take my wife out and we celebrate.

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