Which songs rocked 2022? Youth have their say

2022, musically speaking was an interesting year. First, government lifted the ban on music concerts that had been imposed to curb the spread of Covid-19. Secondly, a number of new young artistes like Alien Skin, broke through. Youth Blitz sought the views of some youths about the songs that they think rocked in 2022 and their expectations of 2023.

Gilbert Musoke, 21, student

For me my best song in 2022 was Balo Balo by Mudra. I like the fast pace of the song and the lyrics. Other songs that I liked were Bandana by Grenade and Muwomya by Sheebah Karungi and King Saha. In 2023 I think artistes will produce better songs and competition will be tight.

Acidiri Mustapha, 24, boda boda rider

My best song of 2022 was Siri Regular by Spice Diana. I like it because the message is good, and it is soothing. Other songs that made my year were Forever by Jose Chameleone and Oliwa by Carol Nantongo. I think 2023 will be a good year for listeners because many artistes have come up.

Nalweyiso Jacinta, 25, make-up artiste

I am team Sheebah so for me her song, Love Yekitundu was the best. Even her other songs like Kansalewo were big hits. Other big songs for me were Bega Bega by Pallaso and Tusimbudde by Gravity Omutujju. 2023 is going to be competitive by I know Sheebah is going to release mega hits.

John Kabonge, 28, businessman

Obulungi Bunuma by B2C was my best song of 2022. I loved the melodies and beats of the songs but also it has useful message for young people. Other good songs were Sembera by Geo-Steady and Tonkaka by Alien Skin. 2023 I believe will be a good year. Alien Skin is one of the young artistes to watch.

Allen Mukisa, 33, housewife

Olusuku Lwa Seminti known as Seen Don was my best hit last year. Unfortunately, the young man who sang it, Ronald Alimpa got an accident. I also liked Mpakasa by Fik Fameics and Siri Regular of Spice Diana. In 2023 I see many musicians upping the game. Up and coming artsiets like Carol Nantongo will make a mark.

Sarah Aheebwa, 20, student

Oliwa by Carol Nantongo was my best hit of 2022. Its crisp and the message is clear. I also liked Siri Regular by Spice Diana and Forever by Jose Chameleone. I think they were good hits. In 2023, I think the music secebe will be very competitive. Nantongo will release more good hits and maybe we could see a number of new artistes.

Suleiman Masaba, 36, trader

Sembera by Geo-Steady was my best song of 2022. I like Gravity’s coarse voice and roughness. It makes my day. I also liked Pallaso’s Bega Bega, Forever by Chameleone and Salawano by Mudra. In 2023, I expect many musicians to up their game and give us good music.

Ritah Musana, 29, market vendor

For me Oliwa by Carol Nantongo was the biggest hit of 2022. That young woman has a good voice and knows how to come up with beautiful words. I also liked Kansalewo by Sheebah Karunngi and Olusuku lwa seminti by Alimpa. This year we can only wait and see what the muscians have for us, but I expect it to be interesting.

Juliana Namatovu, 18, senior six vacist

My popular musicians are Nigerians and Jamaicans but locally speaking Forever by Jose Chameleone was my best song of 2022. I also liked Empele by Crysto Panda and Parte Yani by Zex bilangilangi. 2023 will be a good year for musicians that is what I think. I see young people Mudra and Alien Skin becoming big players.

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