Who will take the EPL? Manchester City or Liverpool

With five matches remaining to the end of the Premier League, it appears that the competition at this stage is between Manchester City and Liverpool. The clubs are separated by a single point.

In Uganda, the Premier League fever has caught on among the youths, with many expecting a photo finish.  Youth Blitz sounded out a number of youths on which club they think will win the Premiership.

Here are their predictions.

Silas Kawuma, 25, barber

Manchester City will win a third trophy in the row because they now have the experience to withstand Liverpool pressure. Remember this is not the first season the two clubs have gone head to head. I don’t see Manchester City losing concentration.

Caleb Masolo 23, butcher

I will give it to Manchester City because they are by far the strongest club and have one of the best managers. I expect Liverpool to push them all the way but in the end Manchester City will take it.

Aisha Nagawa, 23, student

I think Manchester City will win the trophy although it will not be an easy ride. Liverpool will give them a run for the money. I still believe there will be twists and turns but city will take it.

John Kasato, 22, newspaper vendor

Liverpool will take it if they continue to play the way they are playing. I don’t think right now there is a better team than Liverpool. I believe they will force Manchester City into committing some mistakes and will take it.

Joan Akello, 28, businesswoman

For me, Liverpool will take the premier league trophy. They have a very good manager, a deep squad and are on good form. If Manchester City slip up, be sure Liverpool will pounce. It is not yet over.


Cephas Mwijukye, 22, student

I don’t think we should debate who will take the premiership. That will be Manchester City. In fact, in my view they have already won it. Liverpool may win the Champions League but I don’t see them winning the premiership.

Ali Kiwanuka, 25, businessman

Manchester City will take it. They are a strong team and have a good manager. The players have been together for a long time and know each other. I don’t see Liverpool or any other team stopping them this season, may be next season.

So our panel splits 5-2 in favour of Manchester City, soon we will see if they are correct

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