Will it be France, Brazil, England or Argentina?

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has already produced its fair share of shocks. Germany and Belgium were eliminated at the group stages while Morocco shocked Spain in the round of 16 to book a place in the quarter finals. With the quarter finals scheduled to kick off on Friday November 9 we sounded out some youths on who they think will win the World Cup. Will it be Brazil, France, England, Argentina or Portugal? Will Netherlands spring a surprise or can Morocco go all the way? Here are the responses.

Joy Amito, 22, student

It will be Brazil. Brazil have already played some of the best football. Look at how they destroyed South Korea? They have the best striking line and I think not many people can stop them. They are also very hungry for success because they have taken long without winning the world cup.

Allan Kintu, 26, boda boda rider

Brazil will win it. Initially I thought Spain were the better team given their style of play but I was disappointed with the way they played against Morocco. When you look at the other remaining teams, I think only France can cause Brazil problems but I give it to Brazil.

Julie Namiiro, 25, shop keeper vendor

I am an England fan and I think England will win it. I know not many people are giving them a chance but when you look at how they played in the group stages and how they eliminated Senegal, you can tell that they have started to gel. That young man Bellingham is their player to watch for me, I put my money on England.

Sam Mabonga, 31, special hire driver 

Mbappe is a man on form and should deliver the World Cup to France. France suffered so many injuries going to the world cup but they have played very well. They have a mix of young and old which means they are very experienced. I don’t see anyone stopping them.

Halima Namusoke, 36, businesswoman

Argentina is the team for me. Messi is playing so well at the moment and I believe that he can carry Argentina to the first world cup trophy since 1986. I know they had a shaky start but they have improved as the tournament has gone on. They will win it for Messi.

Micheal Asiimwe , 27, photographer

Brazil or France will take it. I can’t tell which of the two at the moment but I know the winner will be either France or Brazil. They have played the best football; they have the best players. Everything is playing in their favour. If the two reach the final, then I think it will be France…on penalties.

Nasser Kayondo , 30, businessman

I will go with Croatia who have shown maturity and experience in their first games. Croatia do not play eye-catching football but they know how to contain big teams like we saw in Russia in 2018. They have experienced players like Luka Modric and Lovren who have been there and done that. They don’t panic even when they concede a goal and know how to win a tough game like you saw when they beat Japan. If they go past Brazil in the quarter finals, count them in.

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