Adero has beaten all odds to achieve her deejaying dream

Marianne Adero, aka DJ MaryJo is the biggest and most famous female DJ in Kampala, if not the whole country.

But her journey to the top has not been a rosy one.

“I was following my passion for music. My love and passion for music stems right from my childhood,” she says.

Adero explains that because of her love for music, she was attracted to Ras Clan Entertainment, a group of DJs that she says taught her the basics, before she joined Platinum DJs, another company.

“Here (at Platinum DJs), I attained more skills  and was named  Uganda’s  ‘illest’ female DJ.”

Defied odds

Adero explains that when her mother, family and relatives learnt that she had become a DJ, she was rejected.

To her, this job was considered to be for males and for failures in life, but she was determined to beat all odds to chase her dream.

“It was very tough for me, especially the rejection bit but I persevered. Slowly by slowly, they got used to it and before I could know it, everything was fine.”

She says she has since gone ahead to become one of the best female DJs in Kampala.


She says that just like any other job, especially those dominated by males, it was not easy to break through in the deejaying industry.

“It took me a very long time to break through. I was bullied time and again. I was rejected as well by many, but my determination helped me overcome this.”

Just like all parts of the world, DJ MaryJo says she too was affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

As a measure to control the spread of the virus, the government closed all gatherings, including entertainment centres.

This meant that concerts had to be closed for a period of close to two years.

Adero says this was one of her hardest moments, spending two years without work.

“With the nature of my job where I am paid whenever I work, the two years were not easy to navigate. It was a difficult a moment. I however thank God that I managed to pull through.”


When you talk to her, you can’t fail to notice that she is proud of not only her work but also being one of a few females who spin discs.

She organizes an annual event she named ‘Ladies Affair’ which bring female DJs together.

“It was a dream come true in 2017 at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds. It is a platform I share with my fellow female DJs in the industry.  At the annual event, we showcase our talent and entertain thousands of revelers. I have so far done five editions and I am still going strong,” she adds.

The last edition took place on March 7.


With all she went through before becoming a household name in deejaying in Kampala, Adero has some advice to young girls who would like to have a brighter future in the industry.

“Be focused, hardworking, and determined in this male dominated industry. Nothing should stop you from achieving your ambitions,” she says.

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