Youths need to be productive, not destructive

Over the last couple of weeks, there have been incidents involving youths that have left me shuddering.

Musician Catherine Kusasira was hounded out of the burial ceremony in Masaka by a group of youths ostensibly because she is attached to the NRM. 

Secondly youths at Makerere broke chairs and threw bottles at artistes during the Mitchellex Bazaar, leading to injuries.

These incidents need to be condemned by any right thinking member of society including the young people.

As the country has become politically polarized, young people have occupied the centre of this political contestation as each party tries to win their support.

In effect, some have allowed to be used by self seeking politicians for a pint of beer, a sachet of waragi or even nothing.

When these youths run into trouble with the law and are arrested, they are usually abandoned by the same politicians who used them.

Don’t get me wrong. Youths have every right to participate in politics of their society.

However, in doing so, they should be careful not to be used. They should always advocate for positive not negative change.

Youth need to channel their energies into production not destruction. There are numerous ways this can be done.

They can enroll for a vocational course in carpentry, vehicle maintenance, building and construction and so many others.

Here they will get lifelong skills that will not only enable them earn income but also contribute to the development of their communities.

The good thing is that there are many success stories of young people who have fundamentally changed their lives. Just visit the Youth Blitz website and see all these numerous stories.

Young people who had lost hope in life are now thriving. There are stories of young leaders who are inspiring positive change in their societies.

I think it is always never too late for one to change the course of your life and you, too, can change for the better.

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