Are Alien Skin’s five minutes of fame over?

A year ago not many Ugandans would put a face to the name Alien Skin whose real names are Patrick Mulwana.

He was a struggling musician living in the ghettos of Makindye.

But since he ousted his Sitya Danger hit, the musician has become a sensation especially among the urban youth.

He has since released many songs like Twayiseko Dda, Party, Sitaani, Mataala and many others that have dominated the local music scene.

His maiden show on June 9 at Freedom City broke records on many fronts.

It was the first time that someone considered an up and coming artiste had filled the 4,000 capacity hall.

Secondly, he only promoted the show for four days.

Besides the catchy melodies of his dance hall style music, some say Alien Skin was able to warn into the hearts of especially male youth because many identified with his struggles.

Others quickly compared him to Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine whom largely rose to fame by touting his ghetto lifestyle credentials.

Yet over the past couple of months, Alien Skin’s fame and popularity appears to be downwards.

It all started when he disowned the significance of Bobi Wine in his growth, putting off a number of his supporters who identify with the National Unity Platform.

The musician maintained that he is a musician and not a politician and distanced himself from Bobi Wine.

“Did I tell anyone that I came from Firebase [Bobi Wine’s record label]?… I just love Bobi Wine as an individual… but there are these dogs around him. I’m also on top. And I’ve achieved everything I’ve through my own sweat,” he said on tik tok.

“I’ve not recorded any song from Fire Recordz [Bobi Wine’s studio] and I’ve not collaborated with any Firebase artiste.”

Then he fell out spectacularly with his promoter Abitex, who had engineered his success at the Freedom City show. He accused him of eating off his sweat.

At a show in Masaka on August 12, a section of fans booed Alien Skin off the stage. It was perhaps the lowest moment of his music career so far.

A prominent music promoter, Alphonse Mukasa Bajjo recently wrote on his social media platform that Alien Skin had lost God’s favour because he has become arrogant.

 “This world is mysterious and I think the same God who favored Alien Skin has come back and decided to take back His blessings because of Alien’s arrogance and how he mistreats promoters. He has run out of favor,” Bajjo wrote.

Alien Skin was supposed to have a music festival “Nkwacho Music festival” this month.

Amid all these troubles, he was forced to postpone it. There were also reports that promoters cancelled his shows in South Africa and USA after fans turned cold on Alien Skin.

This begs the questions: Can Alien Skin turn his fortunes around? Are his days of fame over?

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