Chef Mutale inspires youths into professional cooking

Growing up as an orphan in a staunch catholic family in Mpigi district, Michael Mutale, just like other children, imitated those cooking foods while he played.

“As a young boy, I grew up playing with food and trying out different childish- cooking methods which later became part of me,” Mutale says.

He says that at school, he also loved cooking and it is not surprising that after senior six, he later attained a diploma and then a bachelor’s degree in hotel and catering.

This was followed by more practicals from different chefs in Kampala in different cuisines to ensure he became perfect at the job.

“I  also joined  a few good star hotels around Kampala for more trainings  including Grand imperial Hotel and Hotel Africana, among others that gave me the much needed experience.”

Mutale says that whereas he so much wanted cooking and everything related to it, he in equal measures wanted to share this gift with many others out there.

“Later , I went for a diploma course in mass communication from crane media institute to learn communication skills since I wanted to promote good cooking and to inspire many to join this industry,” he says.

He says that in order to be able to fulfil this, he joined social media to use the various channels to promote good cooking.

“I also wanted to use social media to change people’s perception towards cooking. I wanted to make people understand that they can take on cooking to become chefs as a profession. I also made use of several TVs to promote this idea.”

He says his is not merely about cooking but also inspiring many other people, especially youths to join the profession as a job but also how to become successful as a chef.


Mutale says what makes him tick as a chef is the passion he has for cooking.

“Everything I do as a chef is done with love and passion but also being clean in whatever I do. I make sure I am very clean, my work place and the food I prepare is also very clean. This attracts many people to me and the food I prepare.”

Mutale says he is very proud of his profession as a chef due to the immense achievements got out of it.

“I have been able to start Chef Michael School of Cookery to help train youths and other people in cooking and how to become chefs. I have been able to build my family a house, bought land where I set up a farm where I rear goats and other forms of farming.”

“Cooking has seen me make so many friends both local and abroad. These are both fellow chefs and people in other professions. Many of them have come as clients.”

He says he has also been able to start Meals of Hope, a charity organization which supports children with special needs.


Chef Mutale says where he has tried to sell the profession, many people still have negative connotations towards it.

“Many people don’t take us doing vocational jobs serious. Many take us as school dropouts yet a big number of us went up to university and studied to become chefs. We have many people who have joined this profession not because of the love and passion they have for cooking but for business.  These don’t follow ethics but do everything for money and are doing a disservice to us,” Mutale says.

Future is bright

Chef Mutale says he is optimistic the future is very bright for him and the profession of cooking.

“I want inspire many youths and other people to join this profession in the country and the region at large. I want my school to grow into one of the best at teaching culinary arts not only in the country but the region at large,” Mutale says.

He adds that in order to add a brick to the profession, he wants to start writing books about culinary to help many other generations learn from the best.

“The problem we have in this profession is that we luck books written by Ugandans about culinary using local spices. It is my aim. “

Chef Mutale advises youths not to join the profession as a last resort but rather as a first choice.

“If you want to become a chef, know that you must have the real art that requires you to concentrate in whatever you do. Cooking is not for passing time. Passion is very key in this profession. It should be your driver.  Patience is very key. You can’t be Chef Michael in one or two years. Be patient if you are to be successful in this profession.”

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