Even rain ‘couldn’t stop reggae’ at the Roast and Rhyme

The heavy downpour did not interrupt the fun for hundreds of revelers that graced the 19th edition of Roast and Rhyme at Jahazi Pier in Munyonyo.

Revelers started arriving as early as mid-day as they took their spots around the large space, setting up their mats and camping chairs as well as ordering for drinks and grilled meat.

However, at about 6 pm, the weather unfortunately took a turn for the worse with a consistent downpour that lasted about an hour. Yet this was not reason enough to stop revelers from enjoying their day out.

As soon as the rain stopped, the guests braved the wet and muddy ground to continue the party.

These enjoyed and danced to performances from Steve Keys, Myko Ouma and the band, Lydia Jazmine and Levixone.

Stepping onto the stage at about 9 pm, Myko Ouma’s band which included the talented saxophonist Joseph Sax began their performance with a medley of jazz ballads before transitioning to salsa and then the more popular and conventional music.

The entire performance was a journey and by the time it came to an end, the band had performed some of Uganda’s most iconic hits including Afrigo Band’s Jim Wange and Jose Chameleone’s Mama Mia among other hits keeping the guests on their feet and entertained as they indulged in the evening’s enjoyments.

The band would also back up Lydia Jazmine, who performed songs like Hit and Run, Kapeesa, Same Way, Masuuka, and others before inviting Beenie Gunter to the stage for a performance of their single No Letting Go.

Other performers at the event included Kamanzi, Steve Keys, and DJ Ali Breezy.

Despite the muddy grounds, the revelers could not stop enjoying the vibe that comes with the Roast and Rhyme as they enjoyed music, beer and meat.

This edition of Roast and Rhyme was a true testament of the saying ‘No body can stop reggae’.

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