Ghetto Kids: Ugandan dance troupe rocks Britain and the world

The Ghetto Kids, a Ugandan dance group has made history at Britain’s Got Talent with a powerful debut that left an unforgettable impression on the judges and the audience alike.

Britain’s Got Talent, is a televised talent competition where groups and individuals showcase their talents in various categories on a stage before a panel of judges.

Contestants can move on to the next stage of the competition either when they get three “Yeses”  from the judges or when they get the golden buzzer, which grants them a place in the semi-finals stage allowing them to skip the boot camp stage.

The golden buzzer sends a shower of gold confetti onto the stage and sends the contestants straight through to the show’s final rounds.

The group made history with an electrifying performance that saw them receive the golden buzzer.

The buzzer is usually pressed at the end of the show by one of the judges as a sign of acknowledgement of a good performance.

During the show, the Ghetto Kids fused Afro house sounds which has South African roots as well as coupe-decale but also traditional Ugandan dances including ding dong from Acholi; ekoch a dance for courtship among the Langi people; ekizino from Bakiga people and ekitaguriro from the Banyankore among other dances.

During the performance, Italian judge Bruno Tonioli said, “I have to do it now,” before reaching out for and hitting the buzzer in the middle of the dance crew’s energetic routine.

This was the first time in history for the golden buzzer to be pressed in the middle of a performance.

The performance was the talk of the town with many people across the world taking to social media to applaud the Ugandan dancing troupe.

The video of the group’s performance at Britain’s Got Talent has since gone viral across social media.

The Ghetto Kids

The group was put together in 2007 by Kavuma Dauda, a former teacher.

They are   part of a family of 30-odd children taken in by Kavuma, whose foundation has offered food, education and shelter among others to children from the streets since 2007.

“When I graduated as a Maths teacher in 2007, I knew I had to do more than simply teach inside the classroom. I had been a street kid and I was passionate about reaching those boys and girls. They needed a good Samaritan, just as much as I had one,”Kavuma says.

The Ghetto Kids rose to fame when their dance video for the popular song Sitya Loss by Eddy Kenzo went viral in 2014 and they have never looked back.

They have gone ahead to perform at various stages both home and broad including appearing in the music video for the song ‘Unforgettable’ by musician French Montana and the Black Entertainment Television awards (BET) among others.

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