How Muslim youth can navigate Ramadan and reap rewards

On March 11, Muslims started fasting to observer the holy month of Ramadan. Ramadan, according to Muslim scholars has many rewards. However, since it requires strict observance of some religious rituals, it can also be challenging for young people not accustomed to living a strict life. Here is how Muslim youth can go through Ramadan and reap the rewards.


Young people need to take frequent walks to stay physically and mentally alert. This will also “kill time” as they wait for iftar (breaking the fast).

Reading books

In Ramadan, reciting the Quran leads to rewards. Young people should also read books on the essentials of Ramadan so that they stay knowledgeable.  

Watching television

Young people can spend some time watching beneficial television programmes such as those on Islam. They should be programmes that will boost your faith and spur you into action, rather just something to do just to pass time.

Engage in social activities

During Ramadan there are many social activities for Muslims. Young people can invite Muslims for iftar in their home. They can also distribute meals to the poor and needy at the mosque. They can also counsel a fellow muslims who is going through a rough time. Young people can visit the sick and elderly in the community, especially those without any family living close to them.

Building ties with relatives

Young Muslims can keep in touch with family members and relatives, near or distant. They can send an SMS, make a phone or Skype call, or send a letter or an email. It is important to rebuild the ties of kinship during Ramadan.

Build new habits and crush bad ones

Ramadan is a time for young people to evaluate themselves. They should make time to self-reflect and assess their daily activities, from intention, to commitment and practice.

Make time for sleep

Ramadan can be stressing for those not used to going long stretches without eating or drinking. They should get time for sleep so that they can get sufficient rest. Young people need to take a break at the end of the day and nap during the daytime for renewed energy.

Financial Activities

Young Muslims need to budget wisely during this month. They need to allocate money for personal needs, home essentials and the needy. However, they should not spend beyond their means or borrow money to give charity.

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