Jose Chameleone proves he is still king with successful Gwanga Mujje concert

Singer Joseph Mayanja, also known as Jose Chameleone proved his critics wrong when he held a successful concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

Postponed on February 19 after a heavy downpour brought down the main stage, the singer promised to come back with a bang. And he did.

In most aspects, the Gwanga Mujje concert lived up to its billing with an eclectic live performance that left fans yearning for more.

Some of his fans started arriving at the venue as early as mid-day and by 8pm, the venue was filled to capacity.

A few minutes after 9pm, the singer’s husky voice was heard on the microphone backstage, sending his fans into frenzy.

This was the announcement that Chameleone, who calls himself the music doctor, was minutes away from his performance.

He later hit the stage with his Wale Wale hit whose video he shot in Karamoja.

Others songs like Nekolera Maali, Kipepewo, Shida za Dunia, Fuga Bbi, Maama Mia, Mambo Bado, Jamila, Katupakase,  Dolotia and Sivyo Ndivyo also featured in the show.

He was later joined by his brother, Douglas Mayanja, alias Weasel, to perform the award winning Bomboclat hit.

As he sang these songs, fans were seen singing and dancing along with the singer who was backed up by a live band.

He took fans down the memory lane of his music journey that started in Kenya under the Ogopa DJs in the late 1990s.

Mid the performance, Chameleone applauded his fans for standing with him through thick and thin most especially after the first concert was postponed.

He took off time to scoff at his critics.

“I am a testimony. I should be dead but I am alive. So don’t intimidate me. I am Joseph and you should let me live,” the singer said.

He also appreciated his parents, Gerald and Prossy Mayanja who were present, for gracing his concert, noting that his dad had last attended his concert 10 years back.

The short break allowed Weasel to perform some of his songs he sang with the late Mowzey Radio.

Other singers who graced the concert were: Jackie Chandiru, Bebe Cool, Pallaso, Mesach Ssemakula, and King Michael.

At 1:30am, the curtains came down on concert, leaving some of his fans disappointed.

They wanted him to go on and on and on.

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