Meet the 18 year-old Ugandan singer whose music is turning heads globally

Uganda’s budding rising Afro-fusion singer Rodrick Kanaabi aka Kapa Boy is on a roll.

In fact, he is over the moon.

His music that reflects the feel-good and up-beat sound of Afro-fusion has gone viral.

Recently, the ‘pop star’ as he prefers to be called, teamed up with Nigerian singer Jerry Logo to release such a massive single ‘Talk to Me,’ a hit that has so far received huge airplay across Africa and beyond.

The song opens with a tense exchange, where he (Kapa Boy) asks a lady to give him a chance to show her love and spoil her with romance.

He said he will be sharing different stages with some of the best performing singers not only in the country but globally.

Kapa Boy told Youth Blitz that ‘Talk to Me’ has made him proud. It has put him on the global map and enjoys a big following in Nigeria, Uganda and Kenya among others countries.

On his underlying love for music, Kapa Boy said: “It’s the music, everyone’s just connecting with the music. And that’s the most important thing about music, it’s not really about understanding exactly what’s being said, but the feeling it gives you. When you appreciate the feeling, you will at least learn to pronounce the words.”

With charm and attitude, the 18-year-old singer is one of Uganda’s most promising soft voices to watch out for.

He said that clear direction also guides his choices of collaborators.

Kapa Boy still works a lot with his younger brother on most of the songwriting for his songs.

Today, he is living the life he has always known was his and a huge part of that is the confidence with which he approaches his music.

Surely, the sky does even appear to be the limit for the young musician.

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