Youth Urged to Embrace Agriculture for Self-Employment

The Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs Hon. Nyirabashitsi Sarah Mateke, has urged the youth to explore the numerous opportunities in the agriculture sector, rather than waiting for white collar employment. She asks the youth to bring innovative solutions to agricultural challenges, since most of the population are farmers.

“It is time for young people to venture into agriculture and create their own jobs, rather than looking at themselves as seekers of jobs. Though it requires passion, commitment and willingness to be successful in this sector,” Nyirabashitsi said, adding that, “There are millions of opportunities in the agriculture sector that young people should explore. Let us not despise agriculture because it is one of the essential sectors, Covid proved that.”

“The youth should not look down on agriculture, but they have to see the challenges which the sector faces and then think of innovative solutions to tackle them. That is the best way of creating reliable jobs,” she explained.

Young Ugandans who are already engaged in Agriculture testify that there are numerous opportunities in the very business. Tusiime Bob, a poultry farmer in Nansana reveals that he started his business in 2018 after completing his studies. “I faced profit and loss as well but I persevered. Nowadays I have six employees and more than 100 customers,” declared Tusiime. Tusiime says that he started with a business idea and got a loan from a Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation (SACCO) in Nansana where he was already a member. While many young people claim not having jobs, Tusiime is proud of not seeking job but employing his fellows.

“Agriculture has changed my life, that is why I advise my fellow young people to join agriculture because it is the best place to invest, and this is a decision I never regretted,” he emphasized.

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