New Nkumba University guild president wants to keep his grandfather’s political legacy alive

Youthful Ignatius Kangave Musaazi was recently elected as the new guild president of Nkumba University beating four other candidates.

He won the election by 46.6% to become the 29th guild president of Nkumba University.

Born to the late Edward Ndugga Musaazi and Naluwu Harriet Ndugga, he grew up at Timuna village in Nakaseke district before joining Wobulenzi Parents school and then Ndejje and Ssaku Secondary schools for his primary and secondary education respectively.

Yet more famously he is the grandson of Ignatius Kangave Musaazi, who founded Uganda’s first political party and was part of the libartion movement that yielded independence for Uganda on October 9, 1962.

Joins politics

The youthful guild president for Nkumba University says his shot at politics came when he became the speaker of the students’ council during his Ordinary Level at Ndejje Secondary School in Bombo.

“I would later become the treasurer of the Interact Club in my A-level and then became the president of the students’ council and later president of the Interact Club,” Musaazi says.

According to Musaazi, his leadership skills didn’t end at school because he was elected as the deputy secretary for the BagandaNkobazambogo student’s association at Nkumba University but little did he know that all this was preparing him for the big position.

Granddad’s impact

Musaazi is an assistant trainer with No Mean, No Worldwide, an international non-profit organization that aims at ending sexual and gender-based violence against women and children globally.

He says being a grandson to Ignatius Kangave Musaazi, one of the heroes in fighting for Ugandan’s independence pushed him to carry forward his legacy through politics.

“Having read and been told about the immense impact I.K Musaazi had on the lives of countless individuals and his dedication to the betterment of our nation, his selflessness and passion for creating positive change inspired me to follow in his footsteps and pursue a path in politics,” he says.

He adds that his belief that politics is not just about acquiring power but about using that power responsibly to uplift and empower others pushed him to greater heights in the various positions he has so far served in.

“My love for politics began as I grew up witnessing, listening and reading the remarkable accomplishments and profound impact of my late father and grandfather on the community and nation. This instilled in me a deep admiration for politics at an early age.”

“As the grandson of a national Ugandan hero who played a pivotal role in the formation of the first political party and fought for Uganda’s independence, I have been deeply motivated by his legacy and the principles he stood for. Because of the impact he made on our nation, I have felt a strong calling to follow in his footsteps and contribute to the betterment of society,” he says.

Kangave says running for the position of guild president at Nkumba University was one of his profound ways to honour his grandfather’s memory but also continue his mission of advocating for positive change and empowerment.

“I am driven by the belief that effective leadership can bring about transformative outcomes and create an environment where fellow students can thrive, be heard, and have their needs addressed by the administration.”

Create lasting impact

Musaazi says he is ready to embody some of the value of his grandfather towards making a lasting difference in the lives of the Nkumba University community.

“The team and I, the 29th Guild Government of Nkumba University are looking at being creative and thinking outside of the box for fresh ideas that will make a great impact on the students and the university community at large. This way, we are looking at doing a lot of resource mobilization from first the administration, students through different projects, the alumni and different organizations through reach outs.”

 Kangave also has a word or two for fellow youths who want to be successful in life.

“Stay focused and resilient because many challenges will come their way, but we need to be determined, committed and keep moving in the face of adversity.  The world will keep providing challenging situations, but it is upon us to be proactive and find suitable solutions,” he advises.

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