Ray G proves a point with successful concert

Western Uganda-based singer Ray G held a successful concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval in Kampala.

This was his second concert in Kampala after the first one two years ago at Imperial Royal Hotel.

Different from the first one, there was a lot to prove this time round. Ray G has everything to prove that a western based artiste can pull it off at that venue.

Throwing everything at this concert, Ray G even brought on board Global coaches as one of his partners and what was expected of them was to ferry people from Mbarara to cricket oval and this worked because by 9pm when he stepped on stage, the venue was full. 

Crafted by Fenon Events who ensured that there was quality sound, state of the art stage and lighting, revelers received an excellent value for their money.

The event saw various musicians from Central and Western Uganda come through to support the singer on his long-awaited concert.

Musicians like Green Daddy, Levixone, Truth 256, Pallaso, Ziza Bafana and new kids on the block Warafiki from Fenon entertainment supported Ray G.

Among the songs he did in his three sessions included Make A Away, Omusheshe with Spice Diana, Yoya with Levixone, Mirembe, Yebare, Tayari and Weena among others.

The revelers’ focus was, however, centered on Ray G’s performance which wowed them from the moment he took to the stage to perform songs like Make A WayLet It BeOmusheshe Ft Spice Diana, and Yoya featuring Levixone.

The excitement was evident as revelers kept cheering him up on each track he performed and it is safe to say the crowd ate from his palms.

Many sang along as they also danced to his tunes.

Having had a successful concert, Ray G could not hide his excitement as he expressed gratitude to his fans and fellow musicians who supported and believed in him during the event.

“Thank you so much for the love and support you have shown me. The music industry has now been set free. Do you remember the 2020 COVID-19 total lockdown? This has been a total shut down,” the singer said.

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