Who will win the premier league title this season?

The premier league officially gets underway this week and already fans and supporters of various clubs are gearing up for what could turn out to be a competitive season. Arsenal laid down the marker when they defeated Manchester City in the Community Shield. Did this victory mean anything? Youth Blitz spoke to some youth who gave us their predictions on who they think will win the 2023/2024 Premier League title.

John Bosco Musoke, 27, boda boda rider

Manchester City will win the trophy because they are still the strongest club. But I think other clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United are going to push them all the way.

Sauda Namaganda, 2, businesswoman

I support Manchester United but I believe Manchester City will retain the trophy. They have a bigger and better squad than any other club and they also have the best manager, Pep Guardiola.

Irene Mutesi, 21, university student

We shall take it this time. I support Arsenal and I believe the team is now more mature and experienced to challenge anyone for the title. We have added new players and kept our stars. I think this is our season.

Saul Musinguzi, 23, vendor

My team Manchester United will take the trophy (don’t laugh). I think Ten Hag is now on top of the situation and has worked out a system. You will tell me in May.

Andrew Opedun, 33, trader

I believe Manchester City will take it. I support Chelsea but the truth is City is still the strongest club and they have the best manager. For us (Chelsea), we are still rebuilding and in two years we shall be a good team.

Milly Samula, 21, nurse at local clinic

Arsenal will win it. They have learnt the hard lesson of missing out last season by a small margin. They have also bought new players good players like Declan Rice who will strengthen some of the areas where they have been weak.

Darius Mwesigwa, 25, shop keeper

Manchester City will comfortably retain the title because I don’t see any other competitor. They are a solid team, have a big squad and know how to win even on the bad day. My team Arsenal will be stretched by their participation in the Champions League which can be very demanding. 

Hanifah Nalintya, 28, businesswoman

Manchester United will win the trophy. That is my prediction for next season. They now have a good team and the manager has imposed his authority on the team.

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