Why young people should not shun politics

Young people need to strongly and actively get involved in politics, join political parties and debates that nurture them into responsible citizens.

According to 2020 Uganda Bureau of Statistics report, 75% of Uganda’s population can be classified as youths.

I thank the NRM government for providing knowledge and opportunities for the young people of this country. Youth have been given platforms to engage in politics at all levels.

Young people have also been included in policy formulation through election of Youth MPs from various regions of the country.

I am one of the NRM youth leaders that has gotten a chance to be trained at the National Leadership Institute (NALI) in Kyankwanzi and this has increased my knowledge on various issues.

I also want to thank government for prioritizing the youth by setting up programs like youth capital venture fund, Youth livelihood Programs, NAADS, Emyoga, Parish Model and Innovation Fund for young innovators.

These programs have uplifted the lives of young people in the country.

In a special way I want to thank the NRM Secretariat for offering work opportunities to the youths. I am one of the beneficiaries of these opportunities.

 As young people let us realize our contribution to development and productivity because Uganda is a youthful country. If the youths are actively engaged then we can have a sustainable productive force to transform Uganda from a poor peasant society into a modern, industrial, and prosperous society.

As young people, let us invest our energies into productive ventures and enterprises such as commercial agriculture, ICT and others because we are the future and the future starts now.

The author is a Women Youth Councillor, Butaleja District

By Hasahya Sovereign

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