I want to have a body like that of Vin Diesel’: Youths hit gyms to shape their bodies

“My dream is to have a six pack like those guys I see in music videos,” said Steven Kawalya as he lifted a pair of dumb bells at Marcos Gym in Naalya.

Kawalya, 27, said he works out at least thrice a week to keep in shape.

Yet his major motivation, he said, is to have a well chiseled body similar to that of Vin Diesel, a popular Hollywood actor.

Kawalya is among hordes of youths who are increasingly working out for various reasons.

Marcos Gym is modern going by its facilities and the economic status of its patrons.

A three-hour work out will set one back by Shs 20,000 ($6), money that is out of reach for many young people (Kawalya said his father pays his gym fees).

Majority of young people go to make-shift gyms, where equipment is improvised from local materials.

Paul Lawino, 22, has been going to one of the make-shift gyms because he says its much cheaper. A session will cost at most Shs 2,000, which is ten times cheaper than established gyms.

The downside is that the hygiene in the make-shift gyms tends to be poor and the tools are rudimentary and poorly maintained. Some of these gyms have raised concerns from local residents who say they are havens for drug abuse and a breeding ground for thieves.

That is however none of Lawino’s concerns.

“For me I want a nice body and to keep fit,” he told me point blank.

Lawion says he has been working out for three years and his body shape bears the evidence.

 He has a well chiseled body, huge biceps and broad shoulders.

There are some financial benefits for youths who regularly work out.

Some are hired as “bouncers” at local functions for a fee.

Perhaps not shocking is the absence of females in gyms.

Some gyms like Marcos have a session for ballet dancing which attracts females who want to keep fit through dancing.

But majority of gym users are male and predominantly youths.

Health experts recommend regular exercise to keep fit and keep at bay lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers.

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