Youth Celebrate their Heroes

On June 9, Uganda celebrates Heroes Day. It is the day when individuals who have made a contribution in the political, social and economic spheres are recognized. Youth Blitz spoke to young people and asked them who their heroes are.

Angella Nagudi, 21, university student

My heroine is my mother. She raised me single handedly after my father died when I was seven years. She has been there for me whenever I have needed her. She counsels me and gives me advice whenever I need it.

Simon Kaweesa, 27, Youth Councillor, Kira Municipality

My hero is President Museveni. As a youth leader, I find him inspirational and very knowledgeable. It is not easy to manage a country of 40 million people and ensure that there is political stability. President Museveni has been key in ensuring peace in the region. He is my hero.

Sadat Kayemba, 33, businessman

Unfortunately my hero died. He was James Mulwana, the owner of Nice Plastics and Jesa. He was a great businessman and personally, he inspired me that is why I joined business. He had great vision that is why he is one of the few indigenous Ugandans who ventured into manufacturing.

Stella Amoko, 25, banker

My heroine is Robinah Nabbanja, the prime minister of Uganda. She is a good mobiliser and down to earth. She does not move with airs and even when people insult her, she responds to them with a smile.

Masaba, 24, boda boda rider

As a young man, Bobi Wine is my hero. He has inspired many young people to believe that you can make it irrespective of your social or economic background. I love the way he has transitioned from music to politics and become influential. Within a short time he has built a powerful political movement.

Irene Nakasiita, 28, business lady

My heroes are my parents, my mother and father. They educated me and looked after me and my siblings in every way. They are both alive. My father is 61 and my mother is in her late 50s. Without their guidance I would not be what I am today.

Aisha Namulondo, 29, beautician

My hero is my late grandmother who raised me after my parents died when we were young. Every single day I think about her and it is unfortunate that she is no longer around. She toiled for me and my brothers and inculcated in us values that are vital up to today.

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