Youthful Aber, Nyamutoro appointed minister

President Museveni has appointed two new youths into his cabinet according to the latest changes in government.

 The president consequently appointed Kitgum Woman Member of Parliament,Lilian Aber as  minister of State for relief, disaster preparedness and refugees.

On the other side, the president also appointed national female youth MP, Phiona Nyamutoro as minister of state for energy and mineral development, in charge of minerals.

“I am grateful to President Museveni for entrusting me with this important role. Am so humbled and honored to serve as Minister of State in the office of the Prime Minister,” Aber said on her social media platforms after the news of her appointment.

 Nyamutoro could also not hide her excitement.

“Thank you President Museveni for amplifying the youth voice. This appointment is resound testimony for the potential, abilities and brilliance young people showcase when centralised in the development of the nation,” she said.

 Recently, Nyamutoro told the Youth Blitz that she wants her time as a leader count.

“This starts by inspiring the changes that we want for the young people. An ordinary young person in Uganda goes through a lot of frustration before testing fruits of success. It is not easy to grow up in an environment with guidelines that could lead you to success,” she said.

 She emphasized that the only way for young girls to succeed is by staying in school until they complete education and get opportunity to chase their dreams.

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