Bebe Cool , Chameleone dare each other to a music battle

Singer Moses Ssali also known as Bebe Cool has dared fellow artist, Joseph Mayanja, aka, Jose Chameleone to a music battle.

Following the successful battle between songstresses Cindy and Sheebah, the deputy speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa, expressed his desire to witness a showdown between arguably the biggest male artistes in the country.

“I am relishing a live performance battle between these two titans of Uganda’s music industry. Whoever can organize it has my full support,” Tayebwa posted on his social media pages.

Responding to the request, Bebe Cool said he was ready for the battle with Chameleone.

“As prominent figures in the industry, government support for our music battle would go a long way in assuring young Ugandans emerging in the arts and sports sectors that these are viable full-time careers that the government takes seriously,” Bebe Cool said.

He highlighted how governments in Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania have provided direct support to musicians, resulting in Nigerian artistes dominating the global music scene.

“Chameleone and I have dedicated our entire careers to making a living through music. It has been challenging to uplift young artistes due to a lack of financial resources to sustain our personal careers at the highest level while simultaneously investing in budding talents by establishing vibrant music labels,” Bebe Cool explained.

The Boggolako and Bafudde singer believes the music battle between Chameleone and himself has the potential to generate significant attention for Uganda, drawing tourists and creating a buzz that will benefit the country’s tourism industry.

“It’s important to note that a battle of this magnitude would provide employment opportunities for approximately 5000 individuals, either directly or indirectly. There’s nothing inherently wrong with the government supporting such a battle between us.”

Speaking in response to Bebe Cool’s request, Chameleone said he is ready for the battle.

“Bebe, come I am ready,” Chameleone posted on X.

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