Fik Fameica shuts down Lugogo Cricket Oval

It was an evening to remember as singer, Fik Fameica held his King Kong concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

Kicking off with performances from fellow musicians including Levixone, Kid Dee and Dax Vibes among others, chills were sent down spines for many who thronged the concert.

The main man, Fameica, would later hit the stage to a thunderous applause from the audience .

Many were mesmerized by his black attire as he kicked off performance for the first session in which he  delivered captivating renditions of hit songs like Teacher featuring Ykee Benda , Lov Lo, Mbega We Bala, Mpakasa, Sitoma,  Omu Bwati, My Guy and Buligita as he took the fans down memory lane.

He would return later for this second and third sessions as he treated fans to his Champion, Kutama, Property, Majje featuring Azawi and Mafia featuring Navio.

He climaxed everything with his collaboration with Sheebah Karungi on their hit track Bwe Paba as he had to be cut short by the time constraints.

Nevertheless, Fik Fameica put up an electrifying performance that will evoke memories for years to come as the singer continues to be a fans’ favourite, especially youths.

During the performance, there was no stopping the crowd from grooving to his beats.

His shoe game and the various stylish outfits will also be remembered by many, especially those who attended his concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval as he made a fashion statement.

Fik Fameica literally brought down Lugogo Cricket Oval since his King Kong concert was the last one to be held at the facility that is being closed for construction of a modern multipurpose complex by government.

The construction for the 15,000 seater is set to begin soon and therefore, Fic Fameica’s concert is one that will always be remembered for Lugogo Cricket Oval.

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