From Janet Museveni to Spice Diana: the women who inspire youth in Uganda

March 8 of every year is International Women’s Day where the world celebrates the achievements and strides made by women. In Uganda, the day is widely celebrated with some men Youth Blitz talked to some youth, female and male about Ugandan women who inspire them. Here are the responses.

Sharon Namukwaya, 28, tour guide

The first lady, Janet Museveni is gracious woman. I like the way she conducts herself in public. She is also calm and naturally beautiful. She inspires me.

Ivan Mubiru, 31, youth councilor

Rebecca Kadaga inspires me. She is a good leader and principled person. Being a leader myself, I hope that in future I can follow in her footsteps.

Rukia Nakato, 22, student

I am inspired by Spice Diana. I am not a musician but her growth and success inspires me. Personally I don’t think she is the most talented but I know she has persistence.  Over time she has built her brand of music.

Shifra Nakitto, 26, businesswoman

I am inspired by the life and success of Sheebah Karungi. She went through a lot, was at one time rejected by her family but today she is a big name. I also love her music

Solomon Kiwanuka, 35, businessman

I grew up in a family that loved Ugandan music especially Afrigo Band. That is why Joanita Kawalya inspires me. Unlike many female musicians, she wears decently and is very respectful. I have met her twice and on both occasions, I have felt inspired.

Anita Kemigisha, 27, businesswoman

I have always admired Maggie Kigozi, the former executive director of Uganda Investment Authority. She is intelligent, confident and stands out as a business leader. She played a big role in selling Uganda as an investment destination.

Julian Asio, 21, student

My ambition is to work in a bank partly because I admire Stanbic Bank’s Anne Jjuuko. For a woman to head a big bank like that means that she has what it takes. That is why I am studying hard at university to be like her.

Sophia Kisambira, 29, market vendor

I like Robinah Nabbanja for being a down to earth leader. Many senior government officials are not easily accessible and some don’t want to associate with ordinary people. But Nabbanja associates with all kinds of people. She is unique that is why I like her.

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