Hooded checkered shirts become a hit with youths in Kampala

On the busy streets of Kampala and the suburbs, a new fashion trend had taken root. Young people have taken a liking to checkered shirts, some with hoods. The fashion was made popular by opposition activist, Dr Kizza Besigye. However, it seems to have become a hit with young people especially males although some females, like Youth Blitz discovered, have embraced it.

Isaac Nasif, 22 and a social media influencer says he finds the style trendy

“It’s all about mixing classic with contemporary,” he explained, adjusting his oversized hood. “The checkered pattern adds a touch of nostalgia, while the hood brings out the modernity. It’s cool,”

For Allan Kazibwe, an artist, the checkered hood is more than just a fashion statement. It is part of his trade.

“I use the hood as a backdrop for my art,” he said, gesturing to the checkered designs on his shirt. “Each piece tells a story,” says the 28-year-old

Amina Nabuti, 29, is an entrepreneur who owns a boutique in Kyaliwajjala. She recognizes the commercial potential of the trend.

“It’s been selling like a hot cake,” she said as she reorganized the racks of checkered shirts. “The demand is insane. Everyone wants to get their hands on these shirts, and I’m here to supply.”

Ivan Tendo, 21, who aspires to be a musician says the trend has caught on with many of the big artistes he admires. He, too, likes it.

“When I’m on stage, wearing my checkered hood, I feel like I’m channeling the energy of the streets. It’s raw, it’s authentic, and it resonates with my audience,” he says.

Sarah Asio, 23, is a student and describes herself as fashion enthusiast. She says she has an eye for detail

“You can dress it up or down,” she noted, pairing her shirt with tailored pants. “It’s perfect for a casual day out with friends or a night on the town. Plus, the hood adds an element of mystery,” Asio says.

Samson Irumba, 26, says he was initially skeptical of the trend but when many of his friends started wearing the shirts, he was lured.

“I used to stick to plain shirts,” he says. “But then my friends used to tease me that I was not stylish so I decided to try out this trend.”

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