The lug sole shoes are back

In the 1970s and 80s, there was a fashion of putting on shoes with thick soles, commonly referred to as Gabon.

This fashion got its name out of then President for Gabon, Omar Bongo who then visited Uganda putting on shoes with thick soles that caught everyone’s attention.

This became the trend in Uganda for many years until it faded.

However, many years since Bongo left the country, a similar fashion is back.

It is a common sight for youths, not only in the capital Kampala but also in the countryside as the youths enjoy this new trending fashion.

With designs copied from Gucci horsebit lug-sole loafers, Ugandans have found solace in replicas of these lug sole shoes.

According to the internet, the lug sole is a distinctive type of shoe known for its deep, chunky patterned and heavily treaded outsole.

They were originally designed to provide optimal traction on rough terrain, thanks to their deep, lug-like pattern to help outdoor enthusiasts navigate challenging landscapes with ease.

In Uganda, just many parts of the world, with time, the robust design of the lug sole garnered attention beyond hiking in the woods and working outdoors.

Today, you’ll find lug soles all over mainstream fashion.

Girls and boys going out to have fun, boda boda riders, high school students and all types of youths are on many occasions seen donning lug shoes.

However, many of these don’t even know the origin of these shoes.

“I feel classy and comfortable putting on these shoes.  I feel I have the world under my feet,” says Jackson Kasumba, a 27-year-old boda boda rider.

Joseph Ssebuliba shares almost similar sentiments about the shoes.

“This is the trend that everyone is following. I can’t be left out on putting on lug soles,” he says.

Many of these say whereas the original versions of the lug sole shoes are quite expensive, there is always a way of getting something similar but not original.

“I bought my pair for shs70, 000 and I am comfortable putting it on,” Kasumba says.

This new trend of fashion has not left out females.

“Putting on these shoes makes me a superstar. I stand out from others,” Aminah Namusisi says.

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