How to decorate your home this Christmas

For most Ugandan families, Christmas is a day of celebration and giving thanks to God.

Many families go out of their way to make their homes beautiful and inviting on this day making interior decoration a must.

Without a doubt, the most prominent symbol of decoration on Christmas in most homes in Uganda is the Christmas tree.

Adorned with balloons and flickering lights, the tree is usually the centre of attention.

But how can we make our homes more inviting and spectacular on Christmas in terms of decor?

Décor expert Julia Kamugisha says when it comes to interior decoration on Christmas, simplicity should be the objective. 

She says the key is to choose items that suit your taste and that you will enjoy looking at throughout the long festive season.

“Pick a colour and stick to it. Just because it is Christmas does not mean you need to divert into a whole new array of colours,” she says.

She says instead of adding more and more decor items to your home, replace what you have already got.

She says one should consider a Christmas tree alternative.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree, but in smaller spaces and interiors, they can feel cluttered with ornaments and robbed of valuable floor space.

“We suggest forgoing big or bulky styles, and instead opting for a more streamlined Christmas tree. Tall and slim varieties won’t overpower your living room and can be decorated with subtle lights and ornaments,” she says.

She says alternatively, you can explore non-traditional options, such as twig trees, metal Christmas trees, and mini Christmas trees.

Kamugisha says another way of sprucing up your home this Christmas is by introducing soft fabric and fur accents and accessories.

She says you can add cozy rugs and blankets to the sofas so your guests can wrap up and feel warm as you all relax in comfort.

Kamugisha also advises that lighting should be used sparingly to create a cozy feel.

She says scented candles should be used for the aroma and to create some glow. She says candles create some comfort and soothe the senses.

Kamugisha says one should be selective with the rooms they choose to decorate.

“Stick to decorating rooms like the living room, kitchen and dining room, where people spend most of the time,” she says. All in all, Christmas would not feel the same without a flavour of colour and decoration.

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