Keeping your child engaged during school holidays

School holidays for many young people are usually a time to relax and engage in leisure activities. However if not monitored, some youth could use holidays to engage in bad activities. Here is what some parents told Youth Blitz they are doing to keep their young ones active during this short holiday.

Noah Kyeyune, 39, journalist

My children are engaged in domestic chores. Each of them has a day where they clean the house and clean utensils. I also encourage them to do some reading. However they are also using the holiday to relax and watch some TV.

Henry Matsiko, 41, businessman

I have kept my children busy by giving them work to do. In holidays, it is my children who do the housework and other activities. On Sundays, they go to church and engage in some activities. But also we must know that holidays are for relaxing so my children get time to rest from school work.

Hellen Naluyimba, 38, businesswoman

My children especially the older ones work with me in my business during the holidays. I want them to get business skills at an early age. So these holidays they have been busy helping me out. However, I also give them time to revise their books.

Hasifa Nalwoga, 41, teacher

I took my children to the village in Mubende to be with their grandparents. I wanted them to get acclimatized to village life and learn to do some chores.  In towns children are usually taken up by TV and other activities that is why I took my three children to the village.

Simon Mwesigwa , 31, boda boda rider

I have one child who is in primary one. For me I think holidays are a time for children to play and get off books. So this holiday, I have allowed my boy to play with friends and watch cartoons on TV. After playing I leave him to sleep for as long as he wants.

Norah Nakku, 35, market vendor

My children are at home helping out with housework.  I use holidays to teach my children how to do various house activities like cooking, washing utensils etc…

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