Music has made Big Eye travel the world

Born Ibrahim Mayanja, Big Eye is one of the musicians who have cut their teeth in Uganda’s music industry for over 15 years.

Born and bred in Kazo, Kawempe, a Kampala suburb, Mayanja says music is a talent that most family members possess.

“Music is a family talent and my elder brothers at one time studied on bursaries because of music. My dad was also a great musician that during his free time, he could sing and compose songs,” Mayanja says.

“In fact, my first original composition in my A-level was composed and written by my dad while he served as our school director. He wrote my first song called ‘okusoma’(education).”

Mayanja says his music talent continued growing and after school, he invested all he had into music to where he is now.

As they say birds of the same feather flock together, Mayanja says he chose his friends carefully and among those he chose as close pals were musicians including Jose Chameleone of Leone Island, a group he joined to take his career a step higher.

“After my contract with Leone Island ended, I moved on and later started my own group, Big Music Entertainment that I lead up to now.”

Mayanja says the journey has not been easy but adds that giving up has never been an option for him.

“From day one, my journey has been one of challenges and I have never thought of giving up. This has paid off as I am now a winner. Many people know me, love me and support me. I have made a big brand for myself and my entire group,” he adds.

“I am very proud to have joined music since it has made me move places and everything I have is from music. I don’t regret joining music because apart from moving places, I am known world over by a big number of people.”

He adds that he has been able to meet many people and make friends who have in turn become his capital and are responsible for his success.

“In fact, you are now interviewing me because you got to know me because of my music,” he says.

Mayanja says despite his achievements in the music arena, he has what he termed as “enemies” who despise and hate what he does.

“There are people who will despise whatever you do no matter how good it is. Sometimes as a public figure, I might do something thinking my fans love it but it turns out to annoy others. Some people use my songs for bad reasons,” he says.

He says nevertheless, he soldiers on and says his future is bright.

“I want to be a better person from what I am now since my motto is ‘to be a better person every day that passes.’ I want to make it big in the world.”


Mayanja also has a piece of advice for fellow youths who are trying to have a bright future.

“My advice to fellow youths is that whatever you do, persevere since only those who persist will win. Only the dead are not capable of winning.  No matter what, one day, your time will reach. Even in sickness, you can have a hit song.  If you have talent, chase it. Don’t lose hope,” he says.

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