Pius Lubwama rubs shoulders with bigwigs through emceeing

Right from a tender age, Pius Lubwama was in love with the microphone that during school events right from primary, he was always chosen as the master of ceremonies.

This meant his love for the microphone continued to grow by leaps and bounds.

Fast forward in 2013, Lubwama who was then in his senior six vacation attended a prom party at Kati Kati where his old friend who was working with the organisers of the function invited him to be the MC of the day.

“He knew right from our old days that I was a good emcee and because the official emcee had not yet arrived, he invited me to be the acting emcee. As they say, the rest is history because the crowd was thrilled by my performance,”Lubwama says of his start.

He says from then, he never looked back and in 2013, during the Kampala Capital City Carnival he was invited as the MC at the Movit Products stage.

Goes commercial

By 2016, Lubwama says he had grown into the business and had started being hired as a professional MC.

“I started commercializing my talent and later was invited to be an MC at Kadanke events, Miss Teens and eventually people continued appreciating my abilities. I then started being an MC at graduation parties and school events including sports days and MDD competitions,” Lubwama adds.

The Makerere University student majoring in public relations says as he continued to blossom in business, wherever he performed, people requested for his contacts and kept giving him business.

“This proved to me that I could make it to higher heights.”

He says he never injected any money into his business at the start but later when he started putting money into dressing and research into the trends in emceeing.

“I have never studied to be an emcee but I was driven by the fact that I loved what I was doing, and every event I work on gives me experience and a lesson to learn,” he says.

Proud of his job

Lubwama says he is very proud of what he has achieved in the years he has been at it as an emcee in Uganda.

“I have attained many friends and this has increased my social capital. I have got money to pay my tuition, all because of emceeing. I am also a rotarian but I have also traveled abroad to Dubai, Ghana and Germany but above all built myself a house.”

“I rub shoulders with various dignitaries because of my emceeing job.”

Nevertheless, Lubwama says his job has some challenges, including people who book but fail to pay after work.

“There are also some people who tend to give us more instructions and commands, yet they are not the organisers of the events.”

He says he plans to take his job to another level but also help fellow youths.

“My plans are to develop my brand, train more youth, skill them  on how to handle events and establish an events consultancy  hub.”

Lubwama also has a piece of advice for youths.

“Love what you’re doing and have passion for any talent. Those who wish to join the emceeing profession should always be smart and hygienically clean. Study your audience before you crack unnecessary jokes but also do not over familiarize with people. Be disciplined, time conscious and learn to seek forgiveness in whichever way you can.”

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