Tips on keeping safe and alive during this rainy season

Uganda is in the midst of a rainy season which comes with several risks and inconveniences that can be a danger to your life. Here are tips on how we can safely navigate through this season.

Keep tabs on the weather forecast

This should be the first step in ensuring your safety. Most radio stations and TV stations in Uganda regularly update their listeners on the weather. Alternatively for those that have smartphones, there are several apps that keep you updated on the weather. So before you step out of your house, keep tabs on the day’s weather in order not to be caught unawares.

Clear drainage channels of debris or rubbish

Many drainage channels in Uganda are clogged with waste and debris. So in this rainy season one should ensure that the channels are cleaned to avoid the risk of flooding and diseases like malaria and typhoid.

Have an umbrella or raincoat on the ready

Since it can rain any time, it is advisable to always move with an umbrella or rain coat to avoid getting soaked. A medium sized umbrella costs around Shs 4,000 while a disposable raincoat will cost half that.

Avoid walking in heavy rain

This is dangerous for pedestrians because you could fall or slip and hurt yourself. Remember in Uganda many roads are in a poor condition. So if possible, don’t move on foot while it is still raining heavily.

Drive cautiously

For those who have cars, drive cautiously in the rain. Heavy rain reduces visibility which can lead to accidents. You need to drive with your headlights on such that your vehicle is visible to other motorists. You must also ensure that your vehicle is in good mechanical condition in this rainy season. Pay special attention to the brakes, tires and wipers.

Don’t take shelter under trees

It is very common for people to take shelter under trees during heavy rain. However this is risky especially when the rain is accompanied with thunderstorms and lightening. You could be injured by a falling branch or the tree could be struck by lightning putting your life in grave danger.

Keep away from live electrical wires

During heavy rain it is very common for electric poles to fall leaving live wires exposed. Therefore one should avoid coming into contact with these wires because you could be electrocuted. Report cases of fallen electric poles to power authorities immediately.

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