Who will win the UEFA Champions League 2023/2024?

The group stage of the UEFA Champions League gets under way on Tuesday September 19. As usual, the big clubs in Europe will be angling to take it. Holders Manchester City will have to contend with seasoned competitors like Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Real Madrid and others if they are to retain the coveted trophy. Youth Blitz spoke to fans of the various clubs and here are their predictions.

Allan Kamya, 22, boda boda rider

Manchester City will retain the Champions League because in my view it is the strongest team in Europe right now. I do not see any other club that will dethrone it. Madrid and Barcelona will push them all the way.

Sharifah Namatovu, 27, businesswoman

I will give it to Manchester City. They have the best team, the best coach and are well organized. May be Bayern Munich now that they have Harry Kane will be their main challengers.

Justin Musema, 31, businessman

When it comes to Champions League you cannot underestimate Real Madrid. Yes they have had issues and are not the team they used to be but somehow they know how to win this competition. I think they can beat Manchester City.

Serina Musumba, 23, student

Real will be the team to beat in this year’s Champions League. They have reorganized themselves, brought in people like Jude Bellingham and I feel they can win the trophy. But it will be tough.

Stella Namagembe, 24, beautician

Personally I think Manchester City will take it because it has no strong challengers. They are a great team and many of their players have been together. That is why even when one of their key players like Kevin Debryune gets injured, they still win games.

Sadam Tumuhumbise 29, real estate broker

I am a supporter of Arsenal but I think Bayern Munich will take it. They have started strongly at home and have all the experience at this level. Their only problem is that they are not consistent and you saw it last year when they won all their group stage matches and faltered in their knock out stages.

Angella Kayisiki, 21, student

Mine is a wild guess but I will not be shocked if Arsenal take the trophy for the first time in their history. I know they don’t have a strong team like Manchester City or Barcelona but they are a good team that can beat anyone on their day. My only worry is they have a thin squad.

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