Youth reflect on 2023, hope for a better 2024

2023 has been a mixed year for many young people. Some have achieved great things while others have endured challenges. As we usher in 2024, the youths have a lot of expectation. Youth Blitz spoke to some youth on their reflections on life in 2023 and their expectations for 2024.

Shabibah Nakintu, 31, businesswoman

2023 has been tough for me as a businesswoman. I did not do well because I think people were broke. Even during the festive season when I expected to make some money, the sales were low. In 2024, I hope things will be better. I plan to market my business more on social media may be this will increase my sales.

Allen Nabirye, 19, student

2023 has not been a bad year for me. I joined university and I learnt new things. I made a lot of new friends. In 2024, I want to concentrate more on my studies such that I can do well and may be get a good job. I also want to learn how to take photographs because I have a passion for photography.

Asuman Amooti Byaruhanga, 26, market vendor

2023 was challenging for us who sell fresh foods and vegetables. The prices of most of these items like tomatoes and onions shot up limiting our sales. Secondly many customers had a tough year so I can’t say I did well. My hope is 2024 will be better for us. I pray that prices of fresh foods stabilize.

Emily Turyagyenda, 28, teacher

2023 was generally not a bad year for me. I introduced my fiancée to my parents and relatives and at the school where I teach, I was promoted. Of course there were some challenges but generally it was a good year.  In 2024, I hope to get officially married and to work harder at my job.

Patrick Mabala, 24, boda boda rider

This year (2023) was good for me. I bought another motorcycle and I now have three bikes. I ride one and the other two I hire them out for money. My plan in 2024 is to buy at least two more bicycles to increase my income. I also want to officially get married to my girlfriend in the New Year.

Samuel Kasirye, 27, mechanic

2023 has been a mixed year for me. I registered some successes but I also went through several challenges. I lost my elder brother in June 2023 which was a big setback. On the business side, I made some good money and expanded my workshop. I think 2024 will be a good year for me because I am going to add capital into my business.

Deborah Amito, 29, salon operator

2023 was not a good year for me because I did not make as much money as I had hoped. But on the personal side, it was fine. I gave birth to my second child and she is doing well. I hope 2024 will be good for me. There are so many salons in this vicinity but I will try to be more innovative to lure customers.

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