Youth reveal their fondest Christmas memories

Christmas and the entire festive season is a time to celebrate and to enjoy with the family and friends. In Uganda many families go out of their way to ensure that Christmas Day is memorable. Youth Blitz talked to a number of youth about particular things that remind them of Christmas Day.

Annet Namukasa, 28, teacher

I loved decorating the Christmas tree. Those days, we would just get young pine trees and decorate them with coloured toilet paper and a few balloons. It was a signal that Christmas has arrived. Then later we would wait for the Christmas food and enjoy.  I remember we used to hold an eating competition at home and that made it fun.

Saul Ariho, 25, businessman

For me Christmas Day reminds me of the good food that is served on that day. Growing up in the village Christmas day was the only time that we ate good food. I am talking about rice and chicken. So for me I have those memories of slaughtering the hen and waiting for the food to be served. It is also one of the few days that we drank soda and even then, three people would share one bottle.

Yvonne Namukwaya, 29, businesswoman

As someone who grew up in a strict Christian Family, Christmas reminds me of the carols and going to church. A day before Christmas, we would go to our local church and see the choir sing the carols. I enjoyed them. Then on Christmas Day we would wake up early in the morning and prepare for Church. We would wear our new clothes which my father used to buy for us.

Drake Kasato, 34, banker

Christmas Day reminds me of the football tournaments we would hold between the villages in our area. They used to take place in the afternoon and people from the different villages would gather to watch their teams. It was fun for all of us. The winner would be given a bull which would be slaughtered and roasted.

Allan Maviri, 23, boda boda rider

For me, I remember going to the makeshift clubs and discos during Christmas Day. Usually the local discos would just bring a radio and connect it to a speaker and we would dance the night away. It was fun to meet your village mates. Some of us met their partners at these discos.

Mubarak Chemaswet, 31, businessman

Growing up in a Muslim family, Christmas was like any other day. There were no decorations or special food. We used to just admire our Christian neighbours on this day. Some of them would bring us some of the food and my brother and I used to eat it in hiding because we did not want to annoy our father.

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