Youthful Joy Turamuhawe secures $20,000 in seed funding for her home cleaning company

Cjay Home Solutions, a cleaning company owned by youthful Joy Turamuhawe has received $20000 (roughly Shs 75 million) in seed funding from National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Mastercard Foundation as part of the Hi-innovator Program.

The NSSF Hi-Innovator program seeks to support youth and women startups to expand.

The program also provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to receive funding, technical assistance, business development and market development support to enable them to scale their businesses.

During this year’s cohort, Cjay Home Solutions emerged as one of the beneficiaries of the funding.

“Our company secured $20,000 in seed funding from the NSSF Incubator for women led businesses. We are very excited about how far this will grow our business, create more jobs and make us serve our customers better. Thank you all for your support,” Tumuryamye tweeted in excitement.

Turamuhawe told the Youth Blitz last year that whereas she had never thought of cleaning other people’s homes and property as a job or business, fate decided otherwise and in 2019 he started a cleaning company. 

“I used to think cleaning is something of low-class people but at the academy (Kampala Music Academy) the person cleaning for us was educated. She had to do that to fend for her family, educate her children, pay rent and look after them,” Tumuramye said.

“I used to help her out sometimes and realized it was something I could do and there was no shame in it.”

Turamuhawe noted this experience changed her mind for the better as she realized starting a cleaning and fumigation company would help her earn money, away from working in offices.

She narrated that the beginning was not easy as she felt embarrassed for doing such kind of work but says with time, she realized it was not as embarrassing as it first seemed.

As they say, the rest is history.

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