Youths fight corruption through debates

Action Aid Uganda, through a debate competition of 12 schools in Katakwi district, Eastern Uganda has appealed to learners and teachers to join the fight against corruption in the delivery of public services.

Andrew Onapito, the Communication Officer at Action Aid Uganda said one of their goals as an organization is to empower communities and debates are key since they encourage students to speak out on issues that concern them as a community.

He said debates give young people platform to hold office bearers to account and ask questions of politicians and public sector workers to ensure accountability and transparency at all levels of government.

Aaron Koli, a student of Toroma Secondary School said corruption had contributed to poor service delivery in the country and since many top officials often get to divert funds for personal use.

David Imalingat, a primary school teacher in Apoton who was one of the judges said the move by Action Aid Uganda to hold debates in secondary schools on corruption will reduce on the number of corrupt officials in the near future since the learners can easily articulate the dangers of corruption in the community.

James Stephen Engole, the head teacher for St. Stephen Secondary said as schools in Katakwi are very grateful that debates shall help students to understand the real definition of corruption, causes and how to mitigate it.

He said the debates are going to create an impact since both the participants and teachers are going to engage communities to ensure that corruption is reduced.

According to the latest report from the Inspector General of Government (IGG), Uganda loses at least Shs 20 trillion annually due to corruption.

A number of institutions and agencies have been established to fight the vice including the Anti-Corruption Unit, Public Accounts Committee, Directorate of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and the Criminal Investigations Department of the police force.

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