Kampala NAM summit emphasizes role of youth in shaping the world

The 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit that ended on January 20 in Kampala put a spotlight on a potent demographic – the youth.

During one of the sideshow meetings at the summit, delegates called for the involvement of young people in shaping the geopolitical landscape.

Owino Jacob a youth delegate from Kenya called for the establishment of a NAM youth secretariat whose task will be to propagate the voice and concerns of young people among NAM members.

It was proposed that Uganda hosts this secretariat.

At the summit, Adonia Ayebare, Uganda’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, underscored the importance of youth involvement in this global convergence.

He asserted that young people are not simply the future, but indeed, the present. Their perspectives, he suggested, are paramount not just in anticipation of what lies ahead, but in addressing the pressing concerns of today.

“We can’t talk about social economic development and leave out the youth because they constitute a big proportion of the world population and are in a better place to drive it,” Ayebare said.

The emphasis on youth involvement reflects the NAM’s recognition of the younger generation’s pivotal role in sculpting the world.

What is NAM?

The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) traces its origins back to 1956, with a mission to chart a middle course for developing nations amidst the polarities of the Cold War. The Movement has steadfastly opposed big power military alliances and pacts, choosing instead to promote global harmony and cooperative solutions. Its membership, consisting of states not formally aligned with or against any major power bloc, champions the interests of developing countries. Uganda will be the Chair of NAM for the next three years.

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